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Don’t Forget To Pack These 5 Essential Items Before You Embark on a Journey!

Traveling the globe brings with it a number of amazing experiences! Of course, not all of these experiences are positive. However, most of the negative experiences always seem to be unrelated to the destination, and more related to the travel, such as flights, connections, transfers, negotiating fares, etc.

When it comes to these challenges there are a number of tricks that every experienced traveler knows and some must-pack items that will help in such situations.


This is the number one item at the top of this list for a very good reason. This can be the one item that lets you sleep in the most uncomfortable of spaces. Even if you can squeeze yourself into an airport waiting area or a bus to get into a decent sleeping position, if the sun is out or a fellow passenger insists on having the light on, there is no chance of you getting any sleep at all.


That’s right – Pens! You’ve done it a hundred times but you always forget about it each time that you pack your bag. There are a number of forms to fill out along your journey, such as hotel check-ins from your booking at the Groupon Coupons page for Motel 6 to filling out immigration forms and security questionnaires as you transfer between countries. No matter what the form is, be prepared for it as you travel!


Can you imagine anything worse than being restricted to in-flight entertainment? This is what you are getting yourself into if you forget to pack your headphones. Given that the ones on the plane won’t plug into your phone or mp3 Player, it’s a limited selection of entertainment that awaits you. A particular note to those who are traveling with wireless headphones. Make sure that they are fully charged before you leave, lest you end up on the plane with a pair of headphones that won’t work

A Small Bag of Toiletries

Keeping in mind the limit on liquids that you can take on a plane with you, consider small travel bottles of face cleaner and a general moisturizer. You can become very dehydrated while flying and a simple wash of your face and some moisturizer on your skin can make a big difference in your temperament when you finally disembark your transport.


Whether it’s your headphones, mobile device, tablet, or gaming gadget, it is going to need a cable to charge up when the battery dies. Don’t be the person who is asking fellow travelers for their charging cables in the hope that they have the same one as you, and make sure that you pack all of the cables you will need for your devices. Even if devices use the same cable, consider taking an extra, just in case.

It’s important to remember that traveling long distances isn’t a fun experience. All that you can do is attempt to make it a less horrid experience. With this thought in mind, these five tips are a great start to pleasant travels!