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Shoes Ardiles, Bonus Game Prize

Shoes Ardiles, Bonus Game Prize – as one of the well-known footwear brands in Indonesia, the big companies like Ardiles made ​​a program called bonus game agen poker online prizes. By creating a system that brings the concept of metro Ardiles there are many sekalih prizes have been provided both to the consumers and also those who want to get a gift. What is that? period not buy, can also be kesempatanan to win bonus prizes from Ardiles .

Here it is described here, so there continued to proclaim his name and KOARO term. Koar a term for consumers who have purchased any kind of shoes Ardiles, which certainly has a serial number that can be used as an extra point to win the game there.


Unlike the koar, for KOARO is the designation to prospective customers in other words there is still no buying shoes at all but has the opportunity to earn prizes by following the existing game.

There are two types of games that can be followed in order to program Sepatu Ardiles bonus games with prizes , among others, could follow a guessing game what kind of shoes best-selling each month and by filling the shoes along with biographical data as desired.

Indeed it could be said, chancy for KOARO but it does not hurt to follow a game there, and does not use complicated terms like koar who must collect points, but even so there’s no harm in trying to buy shoes Ardiles proven quality.