Model trends in the health care system have changed over a period of time. The old trend gave importance to the individual patient and the emphasis was on the treatment of disease. The hospital’s goal is to accept inpatients, fill beds and prioritize acute inpatient services. The role of managers in the old paradigm is to run the organization and coordinate services. In the old system, all providers were basically the same. Hospitals, doctors and health plans are separate and not integrated.

New emerging trends give importance to the population as a whole. It not only treats disease, but emphasizes on improving people’s health. The goal of the health care system after being changed over the years is to provide continued care at all levels. The role of managers in the new paradigm is broader. They see the market and assist in quality and continuous improvement. They not only run the organization, but also transcend organizational boundaries. In developing systems, providers are differentiated according to their capabilities. Hospitals, doctors and health plans have formed an integrated delivery system.

One of the current trends in healthcare delivery models is that continuous care is emphasized. Key professionals not only treat patients for … Read more