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The Drugs- OPIATE

Opiates are drugs prescribed by doctors in order to relieve the person of acute pain. The constant use of such drugs will lead to an addiction. The drug if taken unprescribed and more than the quantity that is required for human tolerance level can have far reaching consequences on the health condition of the individual who consumes opiates in such a way. There have cases where people have lost consciousness or lives due to drug overdose. There isn’t an absolute cure for opiate addiction, people get into deaddiction programs to recover from this all-consuming dangerous habit. The best place to drug free Start New Life Here!

Knowing opiates

Before getting into addiction, we will have to know what opiates are and what they do to our body. These are plant-based drugs. It was used for medicinal purposes long ago. It was prescribed not only to relieve pain but help get better sleep relieve one of bowels. They can also treat cough. There were so many derivates of this medicinal plant extract and later sold as street drugs. These forms of opiates such as morphine, codeine, methadone etc. are illegal drugs that are bought and consumed by people who overdose on these and eventually leading to life threatening situations.

The abuse of opiates

The illegal forms of opiates doing the rounds get into hands of people who get addicted to it as they experience a high after its consumption and resort to consuming it with no prescription. The effects that opiates have on the person are

  • The person light headed and happy.
  • A sudden sense of calm and euphoric feeling of relaxation.
  • Dizzy and drowsy feeling.
  • A sense of weightlessness

These are perhaps the reasons people get addicted, as they want to escape from the real-world issues and feel relieved from the pressures and get into the state of ecstasy with the help of opiates. Take the help of Start New Life Here!And get rid of this addiction because the elation is not real and fades away as soon as the affect wears out and you end up consuming more to keep it going which eventually leads to an overdose and fatal health complications.

Sides effects of opiate abuse

This drug should never be taken without medical prescription. The quantity of consumption over a period of time makes body to have certain effects that are troublesome such as

  • Shivers and chills are experienced
  • A confused state of mind and nervousness.
  • Problem in breathing and getting to sleep
  • Itch and rashes occurring almost everywhere on the body.
  • Decrease in libido
  • Weakness and fainting spells.
  • Chances of overdosing

The chances of people to try opiates in this society are more as people live in stressed environments. There is an easy way to get hold of these drugs. Peer pressure to try out and finally when you are on these medication, you may get addicted to them.

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